fresh flowers

Nature's prodigious canvass of elegant Colours & Shades that are Eloquent, Elegant yet Economical in fine fresh flower arrangements by our highly professional and trained designers, guaranteed to make every head turn for a second look.

Our table arrangements capture the very essence, every fold of Nature's bounty, carefully hand-picked and delicately arranged to give the very best to you. Finesse is the second name, with each of our florist handling the delicate petals into astounding arrangements, making sure no natural essence is lost to human touch.

'Actions talk better than words'- our beautifully designed bouquets convey precisely, be it your Corporate or personal communique. Choose from the wide selections available with us.

Orchid splendour
Streams of Orchids imported with utmost care to project the thin fine lines of Nature's stringent quality control, superbly arranged by us. Widest selections of Orchids assist us to give you ONLY the best!

Our Strengths

  • Designs in partnership with you
  • Unique and stand-alone presentations
  • Prompt and courteous delivery team covering the entire island

Our Services

  • Deliver 'live art' week after week, to your doorstep
  • Weddings, Events, stages decorations,
  • Corporate gifts.
  • Gift hampers to suit all occasions
  • Congratulatory, Opening, Condolence arrangements undertaken.
  • All our designs will reflect your discerning taste