The Island Horti-Tech Group has been Greening Homes, Offices and open spaces since 1976.

What began as a small retail nursery is now a one-stop garden centre offering complete solutions to all gardening needs.

ISLAND prides itself on being an innovator in the industry and has achieved many firsts in the 30 years it has been in existence.

ISLAND's major achievements has been its contribution towards modern hydroculture techniques. This new system has been acclaimed far and wide and has increased the variety of plants that can be grown indoors.

ISLAND is also continuously introducing new species of plants that have never been brought into Singapore, providing a unique new touch to the interior and exterior landscapes.

Another hallmark of ISLAND is the introduction of new ideas in Plant Retail. Customers can enjoy the experience of walking through plant displays at our Garden Centre during the day or even late evenings. The variety of plant arrangements and planting concepts will be showcased to enable customers to get the feel of what Island can offer for their garden.

ISLAND is a leader in the Landscaping and Nursery Business with an approach to creating beautiful environments recognized by various Publications. Its impressive list of clients and locations will attest to our capabilities as a trusted name with the potential to work with partners within Singapore and beyond.